Wedding Cake

Apr 22
Hottest Wedding Trends of 2016
We have searched high and low for the latest wedding trends of the year…. See some of our favorites!! 1. Palettes and Themes BOHEMIAN ROMANCE It looks like there are three major wedding palettes on...
Apr 15
The Baywood Events Booth at Your Wedding Experience by David Tutera
Follow our team as we head to the Philadelphia Convention Center for Your Wedding Experience by David Tutera Bridal Show! When we found out we were accepted to attend Your Wedding Experience...
Mar 09
Kylie & Rick wedding pic
Planning with Kylie, Ricky, and their families was an absolute joy! From their time spent vacationing here (and now their time living here), they were familiar with Baywood and truly knew how to make...
Aug 05
It's All About Tradition...Or Is It?!?! - Events Blog
When you hear the word wedding, it’s almost synonymous with tradition. There are many traditions that your friends, family, and even strangers will tell you “you must” follow when you are planning...
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