2nd Edition, as of May 22nd, 2020

Below is an updated list of all of the Baywood & Pot-Nets amenities and their status. We are closely following the Delaware State of Emergency Orders, and are making adjustments to our operating procedures as safely as possible.  There may be situations in which our restrictions may be different than the most current State guidelines. In these cases we are still trying to adapt with our people, processes & cleaning protocols.

For a complete list of the Emergency Orders & Modifications (now up to #18), go to:

Baywood & Pot-Nets Amenity Status (weather permitting):
1. Beaches – OPEN, social distancing
2. Beaches Restrooms – OPEN, periodic closing for cleaning
3. Boat Ramps – OPEN, social distancing
4. Boat Slips – OPEN, social distancing
5. Clubhouse Restaurant: CLOSED (anticipate 6/1 opening)
6. Clubhouse Snack Bar: OPEN, social distancing
7. Community Center
     a. Restrooms – OPEN, with restrictions, periodic closing for cleaning
     b. Fitness – CLOSED
     c. Seating Areas – OPEN, with restrictions, limited capacity
8. Dog Park – CLOSED (anticipate 6/1 opening)
9. Fishing Piers – OPEN, social distancing
10. Gazebos – OPEN, social distancing
11. Golf Course – OPEN, with restrictions
12. Paradise Marina/Fuel:
     a. Saturday 5/23: OPEN 8A-7P, social distancing
     b. Sunday 5/24: OPEN 8A-7P, social distancing
     c. Monday 5/25: OPEN 8A-4P, social distancing
13. Playgrounds – CLOSED (anticipate 6/1 opening)
14. Pool – OPEN, with restrictions, limited capacity
15. Sales Office – CLOSED, appointments required to enter
16. Seaside Grill/Fuel – same as Paradise Marina
17. Seaside Pavilion – OPEN, social distancing
18. Tennis Court – OPEN, social distancing

In the list above, where an amenity is listed as “OPEN, social distancing”, please be sure to follow current State law:
Only use if you have already completed a 14-day self-quarantine since arriving in Delaware
Wear face-masks if social distancing cannot be maintained
Members of different households to remain six (6) feet apart at all times
Individuals with underlying health conditions or who are over the age of 65 are encouraged to shelter in place
This list may be revised without notice, and will be updated upon receiving further updates & guidance from the State of Delaware.

Be safe, and help flatten the curve. Thank you for your understanding & cooperation!

- Baywood Greens Community