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At The Tritapoe Academy of Golf, our main goal is to provide you with exceptional golf instruction and excellent service.

Our approach is to tailor instruction for each individual student that will allow them to increase knowledge, confidence and control of the swing and short game. You cannot fix just one area of your game. It is being able to understand the swing and short game as a process and developing a personal, comprehensive and systematic approach that will help you improve.

Each student will understand all facets of the game, which is comprised of all the steps that make up a successful golfer including stance, grip, backswing, release and follow through. You will also learn how to recognize your own flaws as they occur and how to make corrections. We want you to play better golf and to understand why.

Another unique element of The Tritapoe Academy of Golf is that we not only address and solve your swing and short game; but just as importantly we teach you how to think on the golf course. This is a vital ingredient to playing better golf.

We also offer an extensive follow up program in which you can email or call us after each lesson. You can also send in a video of your swing for review and feedback.

"It is more important for a swing to be repeatable than to be perfect."

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