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Jun 07

Giving the Baywood Greens Ponds a Makeover

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By Cameron Marcelle

Back in November, as the rest of Baywood started to slow down, our Baywood and Pot-Nets Landscape Team with the help of the Operations Department undertook the project of renovating the ponds and fountains in front of the Baywood Clubhouse. The project took more than a week, and involved draining the ponds of all water, reconstructing the raised permanent planters, cleaning all of the rocks and boulders and removing organic material, rebuilding components of the pumps and circulator systems and replacing the lighting system.

Baywood Greens Pond Work

The Clubhouse Water Feature, as we call it, consists of two ponds.  In the upper pond there is a large pump in the lower-half, below the falls, that pumps all of the water back to the top-half of the pond.  This fills up the top-half to flow over the waterfall.  This is a large 10hp pump, and is capable of pumping over 1300 gallons per minute.

Baywood Greens Pond Work

In the lower pond there are two 10hp pumps flowing over 2600 gallons per minute.  The waterfall pumps run constantly, 24/7, moving a total of 2,049,840,000 gallons of water per year.  Yes, that’s two billion, with a “B”.  This is enough water to fill an area comparable to 95 football fields 100 feet deep, or 40 million bathtubs.  Fortunately, we are recirculating this water.

Baywood Greens Pond Work

In the pump house (off to the right hand side, in the parking lot) there are four more 5hp pumps that pump over 200 gallons per minute each.  These are part of a filtration system that pulls out particles in the water, then exposes the water to powerful ultraviolet lights to kill algae that grows in the water, and then pumps the water back to the ponds through the vertical display fountains.

Baywood Greens Pond Work

Baywood Greens Pond Work

The results of all this hard work will be evident in the weeks ahead, as the water plants start to grow back, and all of Baywood returns to full bloom.

Great work!!!

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