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Dec 16

5 Easy Holiday Decorating Tips for Your Baywood Greens Home

Posted by Baywood Blog Team

Surprise! You were going to have a relaxing holiday season in your Baywood Greens home, but you just found out that your family will be coming to spend the holidays with you! If you haven’t decorated your home yet, have no fear! We have some easy decorating tips that will make your home look like it has been decorated for weeks.

Holiday Colors

No matter what holiday you celebrate, using the colors of the season will brighten up any home! Red, green, blue, gold, and silver are the most popular colors to use during the holiday season. Whether you have pillows that are red and green, or a blue tablecloth, it will add some festive cheer to your home.

Light it up

Lights are a simple way to decorate your home without going overboard. If you have a front porch or railings, string lights around them to welcome people into your home. You can also use smaller lights around your mantle inside, or even up the railing of your stairs! Remember to check all lights for broken bulbs or exposed wires, and to unplug everything when you aren’t home.


Garland is a cheap and easy way to decorate any part of your home. Whether it is fake or real, you can use it almost anywhere. Drape garland around your mantle to make it even more festive, or arrange it on your table for an easy centerpiece. If you use fake garland, you can keep it year after year for easy decorating!

Odds and ends

Do you have some spare candles or ornaments that you aren’t using anywhere? Pour unused ornaments into a clear bowl for an easy decoration, or scatter them on different surfaces. If you have small children, be sure to keep them out of reach. For an easy centerpiece that still looks great, arrange candles throughout some garland, and place ornaments around the candles. Everyone will wonder where you bought it!


To really get in the spirit of the season, have music playing in the background when you have family over! Whether you have a stereo system or just use your phone, holiday music will get everyone in a festive mood. Switch it up and let people pick their favorite holiday songs to play!

The most important part of the holiday season is being with friends and family at your Baywood Greens home! For more information about our homes, contact us today.

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