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Jul 29

Decorating Your Dream Vacation Home

Posted by Baywood Blog Team

Here at Baywood Greens, we believe that your reality can become better than your dreams! With beautiful homes, gorgeous landscaping, and all the amenities one could dream of, Baywood Greens is the perfect place to own your own vacation home!

Once you’re all moved into your new home, the exciting part of decorating can begin. Check out some of our favorite ideas for how you can decorate your Baywood Greens home:


Beach Décor: This is your vacation home, so keep that in mind while decorating! Subtle beach or nautical décor, such as an anchor doorknocker, or a collection of sea shells in a mason jar, can help contribute to the overall theme of your home. Try to focus on small nautical aspects in every room, like a hand towel in the bathroom or photo of your favorite beach!


Less is More: Your Baywood Greens home is the place where you come to relax, so make it easier on yourself and don’t fill it with too much “stuff.” Choose pieces that won’t require a lot of upkeep, like a heavy-duty rug that can withstand lots of foot traffic. Instead of hanging several art pieces, use a more personal touch and frame your own pictures and scatter them throughout the house!


Create an Escape That's Just For You: Now that you have a home at Baywood Greens, you’re sure to have a revolving door of friends and family who come to visit! To keep some sense of privacy, focus on creating a space (like your bedroom) that can be just yours. Splurge on that bed cover you’ve been wanting, or fill your bathroom with delicious scented candles and plush towels. Having somewhere to escape to can keep you sane with a full house of guests!


With open floor plans, spacious living rooms, and gourmet kitchens, it’ll be easy to feel at home at Baywood Greens in no time! Contact us today for more information on owning your dream home at Baywood Greens.


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