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Sep 29

Fall Home Decor

Posted by Baywood Blog Team

Fall is here, so it’s time to get your new home ready for the season! The fall season offers homeowners the perfect opportunity to change up their home's décor by adding spectacular autumn-inspired decorations and home décor.

Check out the following fall decorating tips and tricks, and you’re sure to discover a few simple ways to spruce up the look of your beautiful new home at Baywood Greens:

When guests first enter your home, chances are the entryway will be the first exposure they will have to your beautiful new home. For this reason, be sure to take ample time decorating this space with simple, tasteful accents—be it a colorful accent wall or perhaps a few decorative throw pillows. Also be sure that your entryway has plenty of space to store your guest’s jackets—whether it be on coat hooks or in a hall closet!

If your home’s entryway has hardwood floors, consider setting out an area rug. A simple solution such as an area rug will help tie your home’s entryway together, while protecting your hardwood floors from the wear and tear of foot traffic. Looking to get even more into the festive fall spirit? Why not hang a decorative wreath on your front door to immediately set the tone before your guests even enter your new home!

Your home’s color palette is essential when picking the perfect autumn decor. Incorporating warm hues into your home’s fall look is a great way to capture a unique autumn feel— from burnt-orange to deep reds and vibrant yellows, as you can see here in our Edenton model home.

Furthermore, why not add a few classic seasonal touches to accentuate key areas of your home—such as decorative leaves, gourds and pumpkins. Incorporating a few of these autumn trademarks into your home’s fresh new look is yet another easy way to add a little fall flavor to any home!

Last but certainly not least—fall brings cool weather so be sure to drape a few throw blankets over the sofas and chairs for added warmth and to create a warm, welcoming feel in your home. Autumn is the ideal time to swap your light summer throws for thicker blankets and quilts to make sure both you and your guests stay cozy during the upcoming cooler months!

Incorporating a few of these fall decorating tips & tricks into your home’s decor is sure to wow your guests this fall season. Go the extra mile and make your new home look truly amazing this fall!

Looking for more decor inspiration? Check out the beautiful interiors of our model homes by Christopher Companies at Baywood Greens on Pinterest.

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