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Mar 09

Get Into the Spring of Things by Prepping for Golf Season

Posted by Baywood Blog Team
getting into spring

With spring touching down early here in Sussex County, Delaware, you are probably itching to get back out onto our 18-hole championship Baywood Greens Golf Course! Before you even think about putting on your golf shoes, there are a few things you should do, and a few things to remember when getting back onto the course! Take a look below for some tips to prepare you for the golf season ahead:

Take a few visits to the driving range: If you haven’t already visited our driving range during the cold winter months, now is a great time to work on your swing. Our driving range is the perfect place for a refresher to regain your focus and perfect your form.

Get in some practice time on the course: The best way to get back into the game is to take some practice time for yourself. Go with a partner, or just by yourself and play a practice round. This will take some of the competitiveness and pressure off of you, so it will be easier to focus more on perfecting your skills for the season ahead. Book your tee time here!

Clean or replace your grips: If you forgot to do this at the end of last golf season, no worries! Cleaning the grips on your golf clubs is as easy as taking a damp towel with a bit of soap and wiping off the dirt and grime that can build up over seasons past. If your grips are way past repair, look into getting them replaced. 

Consider a new pair of golf shoes: Many experts recommend purchasing a new pair every 2 years or so. The reason for this is that any waterproof or protective coating will most likely have worn off by then if the shoes were worn regularly over that period of time. If you’re just not ready to part with the pair of shoes that you love, you can also replace the cleats on the bottom of your shoes.

Stretch it out: As many experienced golfers know, the sport requires utilizing muscles and parts of your body that aren’t used on a day to day basis, unless you keep up with some training in the off-season. If you have been out of the game for a while, there can be a bit of strain and soreness after your first round. Before you get out on the course, take some time to stretch your arms, legs, and torso.

Refresh your supplies: Every golfer knows that some unexpected things can happen on the golf course, and you always want to be prepared. Restock the pockets of your golf bag with things like an emergency kit, sunglasses, bandages, athletic tape, and whatever else you need on hand to ensure your golf game is at its best!

If you still have questions or need to purchase some new gear, stop by our Pro-Shop for a variety of products and merchandise from the top golf brands. For more information about our top-rated golf course, head on over to https://www.baywoodgreens.com/golf.

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