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May 23

Guest-Ready Your Baywood Greens Home for the Summer!

Posted by Baywood Blog Team
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When you own a home in an amazing golf resort community just 8 miles to Rehoboth Beach, DE, there will inevitably be a large influx of guests when the summertime rolls around. Right now is the perfect time to make sure you are prepared to host friends and family in your Baywood Greens home soon. Preparing your home now will decrease the amount of stress when you get the text “On our way, see you soon!” Take a look at our tips below for making sure your home is guest-ready for the summer.

Do the laundry
As well all know, doing several loads of laundry can be time consuming. It is best to get it all done now, so you don’t have to worry about it until after the first guests of the season are here! Make up all of the beds with fresh sheets and put towels neatly in a bathroom cabinet or in each guest room to make sure there are enough.

Plan meals ahead of time
Planning out meals will ensure no time is wasted debating on where to get food or what to cook for dinner. Go to the grocery store before guests arrive and stock up on the essentials. If you’re planning to incorporate fresh produce or seafood, wait until the day of your meal to head over to a local farmer’s market or seafood store. Be sure to take into account any dietary restrictions that your guests may have. Don’t feel like cooking each night? Head on over to The Clubhouse at Baywood for a relaxing dining experience!

Extra everything
The key to hosting guests is being prepared for anything to happen, which means making sure you have extra supplies just in case! Have extras on hand like sheets, towels, beach towels, sweatshirts, pillows, sunscreen, shower supplies, toothbrushes, and anything else you can think of! Guests will be impressed when you have the extra items to prevent yet another run to the store.

Declutter the house
Nothing is worse than feeling overwhelmed in your home before your guests even arrive. Clear out and put away clutter in each room that will be an obstruction for guests. If your guests are bringing children or pets, you are especially going to want to have open spaces for lots of movement and running around.

Kitchen conveniences
Make sure to have enough chairs and place settings for your guests to use if you plan to have a sit down dinner or brunch. When your guests finally arrive this summer, make sure to have a cabinet designated for conveniences like coffee, tea, cups, and portable snacks that they won’t feel shy to take if they work up an appetite!

Itinerary supplies
What we mean by this is, make sure you have everything for a day trip to the beach, a day on our exclusively public golf course, or a bike ride around the community. Depending on the activities that you and your guests plan to experience, have supplies for each activity ready to go when they arrive!

Follow these tips and you will be ready for summer guests before you know it! If you don’t own a new home at Baywood Greens, but want to try before you buy, take a look at our vacation rentals!

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