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May 23

Host the Best Memorial Day Weekend Party EVER at Baywood Greens

Posted by Baywood Blog Team
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We’re counting down the days until the unofficial start of summer here at Baywood Greens: Memorial Day Weekend! The pools are open, our exclusively public golf course is pristine, and you have the whole summer ahead of you. There’s no better way to kick off your summer at Baywood Greens than by hosting a Memorial Day Weekend party. Check out some of our ideas on how to host the best party ever to get your summer started.

The Guest List

One of the best things about our homes at Baywood Greens is that they are the perfect size for any type of party.  Keep it simple with a small group of friends or go all out and invite the whole neighborhood! Make sure that guests know whether they are able to bring other friends or significant others, and plan ahead for a few extra guests just in case.

The Food

What’s a Memorial Day party without a barbecue? Pull out your red-checkered tablecloth and a spatula for grilling as you prepare to eat your own body weight in hotdogs and hamburgers. Prepare some vegetarian dishes that are still American classics, like corn on the cob, in order to please all your guests. If you are hosting a larger party, consider asking people to bring a side dish or even their favorite dessert.

The Flag

It’s easy to show your American pride by decorating with the colors of our flag. You can incorporate the flag in almost all components of your party: the decorations, the food, the drinks, and the games—everything can be made red, white, and blue! Placing smaller flags in drinks and on tables can be a great way to add some patriotic flair while strawberries, bananas, and blueberries can make the perfect red, white, and blue treat on a fruit kabob!

The Drinks

Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to relax on a hot day with a cool drink! If you’re hosting an adult’s only party, create a hydration station inside where guests can mix their own drinks. Separate different drinks into buckets of ice to keep them chilled all evening. Be sure to stock up on water and plenty of ice to stay cool and hydrated.

The Games

Whether you included kids on the guest list or not, everybody loves games! Putting out corn hole boards, a volleyball net, or horseshoes can bring energy and excitement to the party. If your guests are willing to get wet, a water balloon toss can start some friendly competition while cooling down!

The Lights

As the day turns to night and you’re not ready for the party to come to an end, stringing some lights over the patio can come in handy.  Not only do they make the party safer when it gets darker, but they make your backyard twinkle. By the end of the night, you’ll be relaxing under the stars or dancing the night away in celebration of the success of your perfect Memorial Day Weekend party.

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