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Jul 29

How Baywood Greens Are You?

Posted by Baywood Blog Team

How do you make the most out of the amazing lifestyle that Baywood Greens has to offer?

Find out by taking our quiz below!


How often do you frequent our Caribbean-style pool in the summertime?
A. Almost everyday!
B. A few times a week
C. Once a week
D. Every so often




Are you an avid golfer?
A. Yes, my entire family loves to play whenever we can
B. Yes, I play about once a week
C. Yes, I occasionally play when I have guests or visitors
D. I have not yet played but can’t wait until I do


Do you know how many flowers there are at Baywood Greens?
A. I could probably give an exact range
B. Over 150,000
C. Does anybody know?
D. I just love to look at them!


What is your most favorite part about living at Baywood Greens?
A. There is so much to do I can’t fit it all in!
B. I love how everyday can be something different
C. It’s so relaxing, I can do what I want when I want
D. It’s my retreat from everything else


What is your residency status at Baywood Greens?
A. Full-time resident
B. Part-time resident year round
C. Part-time resident, mostly in the summer
D. I rent a vacation home OR just purchased a home here


How many dishes have you tried at the Baywood Greens restaurant?
A. Almost all of them
B. I have tried a handful, but always go back to my favorites
C. I’ve tried one or two
D. I have not yet dined at the Baywood Greens restaurant


How much Baywood Greens gear do you own?
A. Everything you could possibly buy!
B. My collection is slowly growing
C. I have a hat or a T-shirt
D. Can’t wait to start buying BWG gear!


Do you attend events at Baywood Greens?
A. Yes all of the time!
B. Sometimes if my friends want to go
C. Not often, but they are fun when I do attend
D. There is a calendar of events? Sign me up!


Now that you’ve taken our quiz, let’s see how Baywood Greens you really are:

Mostly A’s: You are a Baywood Greens expert! You’re a serious go-getter who fills every second of the day with something exciting.

Mostly B’s: You are the epitome of Baywood Greens! You love to experience everything our community has to offer while still making a bit of time to relax.

Mostly C’s: You are the ultimate relaxer who thinks of Baywood Greens as an escape from everything else, and rightfully so!

Mostly D’s: You must be new to Baywood Greens, but you’re eager to experience everything our amazing community has to offer!

Want to join the Baywood Greens community? Visit our homes page for all of the resources you need to look into purchasing your dream vacation home at Baywood Greens!

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