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Sep 23

Moving To A New Town

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Such a great place to move

Moving to a new area - like Sussex County, Delaware, where Baywood Greens is located - can be an incredibly hard but also exciting experience. There are so many things to think and worry about, which could lead to you feeling a bit overwhelmed. We have some ideas for things you should think about when moving to a new town that will (hopefully) alleviate your headaches and make your move a whole lot smoother!

Before your move:
- Moving from your current home into a new home at Baywood Greens is the perfect time to filter through your current possessions. Go through everything that you have, keep what you want and get rid of or donate everything that you don’t want or need any longer.
- Once you have figured out what you’re taking with you, it’s time to start getting estimates for a moving company. Compare rates for a bunch of different companies and negotiate with them to ensure that you are getting the best price for the best quality. Make sure to check and see if there will be any hidden fees associated with your move.
- Before you leave, make sure to get the contact information of everyone that you would like to stay in touch with. Don’t just rely on a Facebook page; make sure to get people’s phone number and email addresses so that you can continue to be a part of their lives even after you move!

After your move:

- Once you’ve moved into your new home at Baywood Greens, go explore the area! Find out where everything is in your new local community - the closest pharmacy, grocery store and restaurants, etc. Enjoy learning your way around your new city and familiarizing yourself with the main roads and highways.
- Once you’re settled, it’s time to meet the people in your neighborhood. Holding a housewarming party or attending community events are great ways to introduce yourself to your neighbors and start making new friends!
- Most importantly, a new home is a chance to have a fresh start. Make sure you get out there and try new things! You never know when you’ll find a new hobby or activity that you really like!

Going to a new town may seem like a difficult experience at first but with proper preparation, you can get settled in and comfortable at your new home at Baywood Greens in no time!

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