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Sep 21

Tips to Get Your Baywood Greens Home Ready for Fall

Posted by Baywood Blog Team

As the days get shorter and the temperature starts getting cooler, it’s time to put away the beach chairs and bring out the pumpkins! Between the leaves changing colors, the amazing sunsets, and crisp temperatures, it’s the perfect season to be at Baywood Greens. Whether you own a home or are renting one of our gorgeous homes, there are several things you can do to make sure that your home is ready for the upcoming fall season! Check out our list of tips for prepping your Baywood Greens home for fall:

Get organized

There may be some warm weekends left before the chillier temperatures really start, but you can get a head start on organizing for the fall now! Gather up all of the stray beach towels that may be scattered around the house and wash them, then store them away. If you still have beach chairs out, make sure to clean them off so they don’t rust over the winter.

Autumn accessories

Nothing makes your house look more ready for fall than decorations! Pumpkins, whether they are real or fake, are a great way to decorate the outside AND inside of your home! Carve pumpkins to put outside, and create fun centerpieces with smaller pumpkins for you dining room. Get out those blankets and drape them over couches and chairs so you’re prepared for those chilly autumn nights!

Deep clean

I know what you’re thinking; spring-cleaning was months ago! But between trips to the beach, golf course, and pool, there is bound to be some sand and debris hiding in your home. Shake out all rugs and doormats, and vacuum all the floors. Be sure to wipe down any outdoor furniture and shake out the cushions. If you don’t plan to use your outdoor furniture in the fall, bring in any smaller pieces and all of the cushions.

Outdoor upkeep

The leaves changing on the trees sure are pretty, but then they eventually fall! Make sure that you have bags and a broom or rake handy for clearing your walkways and entranceways. Trim any overgrown plants and flowers around your home, and you can even plant new fall flowers, such as mums!

For more information on how you can own or rent a home at Baywood Greens this fall, contact us today!

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