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Aug 15

Tips for Hosting an End of Summer Party at Baywood Greens

Posted by Baywood Blog Team

With Labor Day around the corner and school about to start, you need to make the most of the rest of your summer at Baywood Greens! Now is the perfect time to host an end of the summer party at your Baywood Greens home. Whether you own one of our beautiful homes or decided to rent a home, it’s a great place to host friends and family. Here are some tips for throwing an end of summer party!

Size: The first thing you want to do is determine how many people you want to invite. Our open floor plans and spacious kitchens offer plenty of space for guests! Figuring out how many people you want to invite with also help determine how much food to buy, and how many seats you have available.

Food: Once you’ve figured out the guest list, its time to plan the most important part of the party: the food! If there are several people coming, keep it simple with appetizers and snacks for people to munch on. Set up the drinks on a bar cart or free counter space so people can fix their own drinks. If it’s going to be a more intimate gathering, you can decide to fix food for everyone or have a potluck style party, where everyone brings a dish!

Decorations: It’s the end of the summer, so have some fun with small decorations for the party! Use brightly colored cups and plates, or string up some lights. If you want to make it even more memorable, choose a theme for the party. A fun summer theme, such as a Hawaiian luau, will make your party memorable for years to come!

Games: If you’re looking to have a more lively party, set up some games prior to guests arriving. Some of our favorite summer games are horseshoes or cornhole, which allow multiple people to get involved and play. To make it even more competitive, keep track of everyone’s scores and set up a tournament! Make sure to have a few seats set up for those who aren’t playing so they can still watch and cheer people on!

Memories: Summer is the best time to make memories with friends and family. Remember this summer party by taking lots of pictures! Try to get pictures with all of your guests and even take a group shot.

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