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Aug 15

The Unwritten Rules of Golf Explained

Posted by Baywood Blog Team

If you’re just starting to play golf, take it from us – you’re going to love it! Here at Baywood Greens, we pride ourselves on having one of the most amazing golf courses around and love to spread the word to newcomers! Before you get out on the course, there are many “unwritten” rules of golf to be aware of:  

Avoid the putting line.
The putting line is that invisible line between the golf ball and the hole when a golfer is putting. This rule is a courtesy as to not mess up your playing partner’s shot. In addition, if your shoes have spikes, it could ruin the trail to the hole. 

Since golf is not an especially easy sport, any type of noise can throw off a golfer’s shot. Mind the group that you are with and be courteous of others on the course by talking in between shots and not during a back swing.

Let faster groups go ahead.
If you know that your group is going to take a little longer than most, let the group in front of you go first. This way, you won’t be rushed and other groups won’t be waiting.

Don’t poke fun.
It is not uncommon to whiff a ball every now and then, especially when just starting out. Make a point to not mock your golf partners, and only give advice when asked. This will keep everyone’s moods in check and ensure a friendly game. 

Make sure to alert any golfers of wayward balls so that no one goes home with a concussion. Although golfing is a fun and safe sport, it always helps to take safety precautions. 

Clean up your mess.
Always attempt to leave the course the way you came upon it. This means no trash is to be left behind, and always replace divots and rake the bunkers for the next group.

Please don’t move.
Just like noises can mess up someone’s swing, movement and shadows can also have an effect. Make sure your shadow is not in the way of a shot and just stand still if you can help it. 

Now that you know some unwritten rules of golf, you’re ready to enjoy a nice round with your buddies at Baywood Greens! For more information on our award-winning golf course, visit baywoodgreens.com/golf.

Source: bunkersparadise.com

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