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Nov 05

Black Is The New Black

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Black is the new black! How to use black at your wedding in any season

Black is the New Black 

How to use black at your wedding in any season

So you want to give your bridesmaids a dress that they will wear again, and what is more versatile than a little black dress?  But, your mother can't believe you are using black for a wedding.  Can black be worn in any season?


Okay, so obviously the most widely disputed use of black is going to be the hottest season of the year.  "It's too heavy", "it's too hot", "it's not dainty"... Alright already!!  But black doesn't have to be dark.  A few tips when using black for Summer...

     1.   Pair it with a really pale color - like blush pink, mint or pale aqua.  Use these colors for accessories on your bridesmaids (think: shoes, jewelry, wraps) and your decor (think: florals, linens, and chair covers or cushions).  

     2.   Choose an airy or lightweight black fabric for dresses and linens - think chiffon, charmeuse, or silk.

     3.   Go with a delicate floral bouquet and centerpiece - hydrangeas, peonies, baby's breath, garden roses.  Add flowers to hair for even more daintiness!

     4.   Choose one focal point to be black on each person/table and don't overdo it - think black only for the dress for the girls; think black only in the ties for the guys; think only black chairs or napkins for tables.  


Fall is fairly easy to sneak black into for a wedding.  The leaves are changing, and colors are starting to get darker along with the early Fall evenings.  Halloween is soon approaching and mischief is right around the corner.  But, to keep your black classy around Halloween time, remember not to get too seasonal with your color palette.  If you plan on using black, stay away from other deep colors to compliment it.  If you love purple with black, add a third color to brighten it up a bit.  After all, you don't want your guests to feel depressed upon walking in the room!  Use as much black as you would like on your bridal party, but remember to use brighter accessories to brighten things up.  You can get away with black tablecloths for Fall, and even black lanterns as centerpieces are a nice Fall touch - but consider using black as an overlay with your back-up color as an underlay (tip: if you plan on using white, consider ivory instead for Fall, it softens things up a bit to match the mood).  Adding a bold bright flower for centerpieces is another great option and is sure to put a smile on even the grouchiest of faces.  

Black is the new black!


The best time to go for a black and white black-tie affair is in the stark cold months of Winter.  Picture snow falling, white fur coats, floor length black gowns, and white gloves sipping away on a White Russian... Okay, maybe I went a bit too far there, but really - there's somthing about the contrast that Winter provides that makes the black-tie affair even more stunning and classy.  The Winter wonderland theme ties in beautifully with this two-dimensional palette.  In this case, use as much black as your little heart desires.  

A black-tie affair is perfect for a Winter wedding!


Although you would think Summer is the hardest, I contest that Spring has to be the hardest to pull off black for a wedding.  With everything so fresh and new, white and crisp, bright and blossomy - black seems to be the odd man out in this season.  But, do not fret! Black is still do-able for Spring.  Follow the same rules that we discussed for Summer, but add the following for Spring: 

     1.   Consider giving bridesmaids who wear black a sash or a belt in a pale or pastel color that matches your palette.  

     2.   Mix up your colors - use a few pale colors instead of just one.  It lets the eye look at a variety, which is the epitome of Spring! It also lets the crowd lose focus on the black.  

     3.   Choose a lighter color for your tabletop linens - if you'd like to use black in the reception setup, consider using a black Chiavari chair, or some black in the centerpiece (think anemones). 

     4.   Dress the groomsmen in a lighter color (like grey or even more Spring - tan or khaki).

     5.   Go extra on the white and add lots of light flowers!  

Black is the new black!

Black is the new black!

I hope these tidbits have eased your worries about using black for your wedding.  After all, who doesn't look good in black!?! Tell your mom to calm down, and send her the link for the article... Now breathe! 


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