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Sep 24

Falling for Fall: 5 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time to Get Married

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Falling for Fall - 5 Reasons why fall is the best time to get married.

Falling for Fall

September is clearly the most popular wedding month on the books, especially at Baywood.  But what about those few months following September?  You know, before the winter chill starts to creep in, and the snow starts to fall and cover all signs of life...  There is a brief month and a half window between the end of September and the start of November that brings everyone back to the familiarity of heading back to school, bonfires and guitars, long sleeves, and warm cider.  You know what I'm talking about - that crisp Autumn air that just whispers, "it's time for a football game, a cozy scarf, and a hot cocoa in your almost-too-cold hands".  For me, Fall is the best time of the year.  It's the time when families are meant to gather, it the time when you hold each other close, and it's the time when nature is going through the most beautiful transformation.  There is something ultimately romantic about Fall.

So now that you understand my obvious Fall obsession...why should you choose fall for your wedding?  There are 5 reasons below that speak for themselves in expressing that there's no time like the Fall to get married (and not to mention some super stellar ideas for your Fall wedding!):

    1.  The Nature-inspired Possibilities

Who doesn't love caramel apples, jams, pinecones, and leaves?!? There's something enchantingly youthful about fall accessories...

Who doesn't love fall accessories? Pumpkins make for a fantastic Fall accessory

    2.  The Charming Character

The weather and mellow mood of fall makes for instant charm.  

How sweet are these mug cozies as your favors?!?

Get creative with lanterns and candles by adding fall accents to your centerpieces! 

Add fall accents to your centerpieces.


    3.  The Cozy Color Pallete

Why choose one color for your bridesmaids when fall has so many of its own? 

What's more adorable than a cozy blanket to keep you warm while you are watching the ceremony?  Hot cocoa?  Apple cider?

    4.  The Timeless Traditions

...with a new spin! 

    5.  The Radiating Romance

Some paper bags and candles, and an aisle is transformed into romance. 

Whether you are the bohemian-inspired bride, the trendy hipster, or the hopless romantic - fall has something for everyone.  I just can't help...falling in love...with...fall!


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