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Feb 23

Let's Get Personal

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Let's Get Personal
How (and why) to add that personal touch to your wedding.

With over 6,000 weddings happening in the United States each DAY, you’ve got to find a way to make it YOU!  Most brides we meet with are perfectly fine with just adding a few personal touches to show their personality and make their wedding unique, but every so often, we get the bride that wants to make her wedding THE only one of its kind.  Here’s my advice:  You shouldn’t focus so much on making your wedding DIFFERENT, as you should focus on making it YOU.  Your guests will appreciate the little touches that pay homage to your favorite sports team, your profession, how you met, or your little pup that you had to leave at home.  People like it personal - it lightens the mood, and it helps great Aunt Betty, who you haven’t seen in 15 years, to understand and appreciate the wonderful adult you’ve become. 

So, how do you make it personal?  This is the hard part (not really).  You need to do some full on soul-searching to make this perfect – you can’t mess this up (totally kidding…)!  Just keep calm, take a few breaths, grab a drink (and maybe a slice of pizza), and read on with your honey.

Keep Calm and Make It Personal

1. What’s your love story?  How did you meet?  Where were you engaged?

Consider creating a wedding website prior to the wedding.  Here you can include the story of you met, how you got engaged, or your plans together as a married couple.  Again, help sweet Aunt Betty feel a little closer to you on your big day.  It makes everyone feel like they are in the loop and helps them make more of a connection with you before they come to the most intimate day of your life – especially if you plan on having a big wedding.  Don’t forget, wedding websites are also helpful in distributing important updates and information, like hotel accommodations, directions, and schedules.

Bring your story to the reception, too!  Consider using your favors or your table numbers to bring your story to life…

Tell your story with your favors or table numbers

Display some of your favorite or oldest pictures together of when you first became a couple, or a moment that was really special to you.  Adding a short caption or story for each picture and displaying in a small frame or board is another great way to share your story with your guests.

Display some of your favorite or oldest pictures together

2. What do you like to do together?

Use this as inspiration… Like to go fishing down by the bay?  Display a picture of you in your favorite spot, like this Baywood couple did…

Take things you love and incorporate them into your big day!

Are you big beach-goers?  Plan your wedding theme around your favorite past time.  Love sporting events?  Wear your favorite jersey into your introductions, or use them as photo props for your photo booth.

3. What are your top three favorite things?

Chances are if you have some favorite food indulgences, showcasing them at your wedding is going to be a real hit… I mean, your guests ARE going to be all of YOUR family and friends.  This can be a charming addition to personalize the reception, and people will be glad to get some treats other than the traditional cake.

Showcase your favorite treat for all your guests!

Showcase your favorite treat for all your guests!

4. What makes you, YOU?

Your wedding attire is a great way to bring in your personality – maybe you aren’t bold enough to go with a colored wedding dress, but a few hidden accessories can be really fun.  Take a look at one of our favorite Baywood couple’s matching personalized Chuck Taylors!

Matching, personalized Chuck Taylors are a great way to express your YOU!

Or one of Baywood’s most detail-oriented brides, Alexandra Pratz who donned this funky-cool clutch this past September…

One of our brides donned this funky-cool clutch for one of our weddings this fall

Groomsmen can get in on the fun, too!  Consider gifting your groomsmen or bridesmaids a personalized gift that they can wear to the ceremony or reception, like this Baywood group who sported jazzy socks under their formal-wear.

Gift your groomsmen some cool socks to wear on your big day!

5.  What’s important to you and your family?

Be sure to incorporate anything special or sentimental into your ceremony or reception, too if that is important to you.  If you have a family tradition, something done at every wedding, or a custom that has been passed down through the generations – don’t be afraid to do it – and tell everyone about it!  Guests love hearing why you chose to do certain things.  If someone passed away, and you don’t feel comfortable having your officiant mention it during the ceremony, consider placing a rose or picture in a chair in place of that person at the ceremony – or even adding a memory table to the reception.

Don't forget about your family or where you came from.

Does your dad have an old car that is his most prized possession (other than you)?  It would make his day to have a quick picture snapped, and it may turn out to be one of your favorites!

Your dad's old car makes for a cool picture!

Whatever you decide to incorporate, just remember… make it YOU.  This is your day, and the more of the two of you your guests get to see, the more memorable your day will be for them (and you!)

Remember...this is your day. Make it YOU

Happy Planning!
{The Visionary}

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