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Jul 16

WHERE are you getting married? Tips for picking the right venue

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Tips for picking the right venue

Hello to all my newly engaged readers, this post is for you!

Getting engaged is amazing, and the months to follow should be some of the happiest of your life. If you are anything like me, combing through pages of wedding magazines and scrolling through the suggested vendor list on The Knot will quickly become your go-to hobby. You will also find yourself discussing wedding ideas with anyone willing to listen. I quickly learned that the first two questions people ask about your wedding are “When are you getting married?” directly followed by “WHERE are you getting married?”

Choosing your reception venue is one of the biggest decisions you will make regarding your wedding. So naturally there are many things to consider when you’re shopping around for a venue:

     • How many people can it accommodate?
          o You’ll need to be sure it’s either large enough for your entire guest list or decide if you’re willing to cut a few people off your guest list in order to get the perfect venue (it’s totally ok to not invite Great-Aunt Sue that you met at that thing that time).
     • What’s included?
          o Does that $5,000 rental fee include anything besides the use of the space (i.e. linens, staff, and food)?
          o Do they have in house catering or will you bring in a caterer of your choice?
          o Will their staff take care of the set-up and clean-up of everything, or will you be enlisting family and friends?
          o Do they provide event coordinating services or will you need to hire someone?
     • Is there an on-site ceremony space?
          o If you are getting married in a church and having your reception elsewhere this may not matter much to you. But if you are looking for the convenience of having your ceremony and reception at the same location you’ll need to be sure to ask about their ceremony space options.
     • What type of atmosphere do you want for your reception?
          o Are you looking for a traditional ballroom, an extravagant mansion, a quirky art studio, a romantic garden, or a rustic barn setting?
          o Keep in mind that the type of venue you choose has a big impact on your décor too!
     • Does it realistically fit into your budget?
          o It’s great to dream about that 200-person destination wedding in the Bahamas, but can you realistically afford it? If so, good for you (you know where to find me for an invite)!
          o But if you are a Bride (or Groom) on a budget like me, there are hundreds of options out there and I promise you will find the perfect venue that fits your budget!
     • Location
          o Do you want somewhere close to home or will you be asking friends and family to travel somewhere new and exciting?
          o Also keep in mind the time of year and weather of your location (especially if you are having any portion of your day outside).

I’ll be the first to admit that venue hunting can get a little overwhelming, I was hunting for months! But remember that your wedding is all about celebrating the love that you and your fiancé have for one another -never lose sight of that- so look for a venue that is a good reflection of you as a couple.

Rest-assured that the perfect venue is out there. So keep scrolling through that list of venues, requesting information packets, and touring potential winners. I promise all your hard work will pay off!


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