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Jan 22

Cost/Benefit Analysis of Living in a Resort Community

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If your everyday life could feel like a vacation, you of course would jump at the opportunity. But first, you have to weigh the value you’re getting against the price you’re paying.

All resort communities are different, so we’ll focus our analysis here at Baywood Greens in Long Neck, DE.  A large part of you decision will be the home itself. The cost of homes in our community start from the $200k’s.

Here’s what you’ll get for your money:

  • Beautiful and unique designs.
  • Spacious 9 ft ceilings
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Crawl spaces fully conditioned and insulated
  • Homes equipped with GE Energy Star appliances
  • Granite countertops
  • And many other features you can read about here

Now on to the resort part of the resort community! The value here will depend on whether the community offers the activities and amenities you personally want.

Recreation and Amenities

If you or your spouse likes golf, there is a world-renowned championship golf course right here in the community.  With 18 holes of beautiful greens, water and sand - as well as five sets of tee boxes to accommodate all skill levels - it will certainly be a nice benefit to your everyday living.

No resort community would be complete without swimming, and Baywood Greens is no different! Our Caribbean style pool offers a summer kitchen and shade decks, as well as various water sports if you’re interested. You'll also have access to beautiful bay beaches to take a dip or just relax in the sun. Do you own a boat? Grab one of our private docks and enjoy fishing, water skiing or just relax on the water.

Tennis courts are an excellent perk of resort living. You can grab a morning tennis lesson or hit our professional grade courts with your family and friends.


A golf community is bound to have a clubhouse, and Baywood Greens’ comes equipped with a world-class chef, spectacular cuisine and live entertainment.


When you live in a resort community, one of the things you’re paying for is the beautiful landscaping that goes into it. Baywood Greens has planted 200,000 flowers, shrubs and trees to beautify the environment you’ll be living in.

A big part of what makes a golf course community special is the meticulous landscaping and design that goes into not only the course itself, but the community that surrounds it.

Another beauty at Baywood Greens is the expertly kept botanical gardens that features seasonal displays of plants and flowers. Enjoy a walk with family or take a quiet stroll alone.

When you consider the benefit received from all of the incredible amenities at Baywood Greens, paired with the value of your new vacation home, it's clear - the benefit of being a Baywood Greens resident is well worth the cost of your new home!

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