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Mar 17

Golfing & Your Health

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In general, it’s a good idea to exercise a couple times a week.  But exercise is a broad term: you don’t have to run miles on the treadmill or climb hundreds of stairs to get a good workout.  You can golf instead!  

If you currently reside at Baywood Greens, then it should come as no surprise to you that golfing is extremely beneficial to your health.  Playing regularly is good for both your mind and body – that’s a good enough of an excuse for us!  So, how exactly can golfers benefit from their favorite sport?


Did you know you could get adequate cardiovascular exercise without going to the gym? It’s true!  Golfing is an easy way to work out your heart without clocking in at the gym.  Of course, you’ll have to forego the cart and opt to walk in order to reap these benefits.

Bone Health

Because golf is low impact by nature, it can be an excellent way to strengthen bones without putting too much stress on joints and ligaments.  Pair regular play with a healthy diet and you’re sure to see a big improvement.  Another great reason to hit the links!

Better Sleep

Many avid golfers find they sleep soundly and through the night.   This is typical with most people who exercise often, but it just seems more fun after 18 holes.  Nothing’s better than crawling into bed after a long and fulfilling day of golf!

Peace of Mind

Regular social interaction is a natural and healthy practice.  Golfing is a great way to not only see your friends, but make new ones too.  And, the peace and quiet needed for a successful game of golf is also ideal for relieving stresses.  Set out on the course to think and to ponder life’s big questions.  Maybe this 'meditation' is why golfers sleep so well at night!

And at Baywood Greens, letting go of everyday stresses is easy!  With over thousands of different kinds of flowers blooming on our course, every golf game is like an oasis retreat.  Regardless of how you find golf impacts your body, you can’t deny its benefits in your life!  In our opinion, there is no better way to spend the days at Baywood Greens.

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