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Nov 26

Hitting the Links in Cool Weather

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Residents at Baywood Greens are certainly familiar with the golf culture that influences everything about this incredible community.  Expertly maintained and nationally recognized, the Baywood Greens golf course offers residents one of the best Delaware golfing experiences.

While spring and summer are typically considered the prime golfing months, there is still plenty of fun to be had throughout the entire year.  Golfing in cooler weather does have its own caveats, however, so if you plan to set out for a round, consider these helpful tips!

Dress Appropriately: If you’re walking, layering your clothing is the best idea.  This allows you to remove outerwear if you get too hot, which may happen after carrying your clubs.  Taking a cart?  Bring an extra layer just in case!  Also don’t forget to pack a pair of gloves to wear between shots, as it can be painful to hit the ball with cold hands.

Hydrate:  Just because the summer sun isn’t beating down on you doesn’t mean you can’t get dehydrated!  It is just as important to bring water along with you for your round in cooler weather as it is in warmer weather.  It’ll be nice having it when you need it!

Warm-Up:  We’re all guilty of it – skipping the driving range and heading straight for the tee box.  While this can slide in the summer, your body needs a chance to warm-up and get limber when it’s chilly.  This will help to reduce injury and could have a positive impact on your game.

Adjust Expectations:  Simply put, the ball will not fly as far in cool weather as it does in warm.  Not only will your swing be restricted by the extra layers, but the golf ball itself does not perform as well when temperatures drop.  So, don’t be too hard on yourself when you come up short on a shot!

The more you play in cold weather, the better you’ll get at it.  It may present a challenge, but as any golfer knows, it can only improve your overall game!  After a round of golf, why not head over to the Baywood Greens Clubhouse for a bite to eat at the restaurant?  Another incredible perk of living in a golf community, the restaurant serves seasonal favorites and classic Delaware dishes, creating a great atmosphere to kick back, relax and enjoy the company of friends after a (chilly) round of 18!

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