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Mar 23

How to Prep for Golf Season

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prepping for golf

The weather’s warming up and golfers have already started hitting the greens. It’s time to knock the rust off and get back into the swing of things. Whether or not you have your own preseason ritual, the following tips may be helpful as you prepare for a long and productive golf season.

Club Maintenance 

If you didn’t clean your grips at the close of last season, now’s the time to do it.  It’s easy to do and your clubs will feel like new again. Just rub them down with a soapy rag. If they are beyond repair you can get them replaced for about $70.

Shafts are more complicated. Take a good look at them and if you see any excessive wear and tear, take them to your local pro shop for a quick consult and a price quote if repairs are needed.

Having your clubs re-grooved can make an immediate difference in your game. As the grooves get worn down you can lose control and spin on the ball. Most pro shops will offer a package to get all or some of your clubs done.

Get Flexible

Even if you’ve kept up with exercise in the off-season, the movements of golf are fairly unique and require a good deal of flexibility that other forms of exercise don’t. Make sure you’re back, shoulders, legs and hips are nice and loose before you start taking swings. Do a nice warm up jog or jumping jacks to get some heat in your body, then do some flexibility exercises before you even pick up a club.


Your golf game will benefit from not only upper body strength, but from a full body strength routine. Lower body exercises help stabilize your posture as well as add power to your drives. They also help prevent injury by providing support to the lumbar spine, which receives a lot of repetitive stress while golfing.

Having a stronger upper body may be more important than you realize. Curtis Strange, two-time U.S. Open Champion and author of “Win and Win Again,” reveals research stating that larger muscles above the elbow contribute more to clubhead speed than the muscles below the elbow.

And of course the core is an essential part of creating power from the back swing, so don’t ignore the mid section. A good strength routine can be implemented both before and during the golf season to help prevent injury and get your score down.

Refresher Course

Golf is all about the fundamentals. Take some time to practice the basics. You may even consider taking some refresher lessons with an instructor. After a long time off, you’re sure to have developed some bad habits.

Grab your clubs and get ready to get the most out of the nationally recognized, 18-hole championship Golf Course at Baywood Greens. Book your tee times today!

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