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Jun 18

An Ideal Time to Buy a Vacation Home

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Here at Baywood Greens, we believe buying a vacation home is one of life’s greatest decisions. For many homebuyers, it’s a moment they’ve been looking forward to and they just can’t wait to hit the market.  Last year alone, vacation home sales surged almost 30%, as reported by the National Association of Realtors.  It’s likely that 2014 will be equally as impressive, as more families find a vacation home to call their own.

The same survey that provided the sales numbers, the 2014 Investment and Vacation Home Buyers Survey, also unveiled that 25% of respondents said they’d buy a second home, such as a vacation home, to use now and later in life.  The survey notes that for Baby Boomers, “the idea of finally purchasing that vacation home makes more and more sense as the economy improves and the housing market recovers.”

Additionally, The Sussex County Association of Realtors recently declared June as “Home Ownership Month” in Sussex County, celebrating all of the happy homeowners who choose this coastal location to live.  The sales of new homes have such a positive influence on the local economy, and the County welcomes newest residents with open arms, as does the Baywood Greens community!

With these sentiments, this is an excellent time to buy a vacation home in Sussex County.  The market is hot with new homes and buying conditions are ideal.  At Baywood Greens, we’re so pleased to welcome new families to our community.  Visiting a beautiful home any and every weekend, playing on a stunning golf course, and enjoying the wealth of amenities is everything you’d expect in a resort community and more – and you’ll find it all at Baywood Greens!

The homes at Baywood Greens are just as beautiful as the community itself.  Built by Christopher Companies, these coastal cottages are available in varying home designs, offering every family the perfect model.  The Baywood Greens Golf Course, framed with hundreds of thousands of blooming flowers, is also worthy of praise.  Known for the colorful displays of diverse botanicals, this course is one you’ll want to play on every day.  And last but not least, community amenities include a pool with lounge areas, a private marina & beach on the Inland Bays, the Baywood Clubhouse Restaurant with an exciting menu, the Clubhouse itself, and of course the various gardens throughout Baywood Greens.  You won’t find the same dedication to golf, community and home design anywhere else! 

Source: The National Association of Realtors, The Sussex County Association of Realtors

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