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May 20

Indoor Gardening Tips

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It’s easy to get a little inspired when walking around Baywood Greens.  With the hundreds of thousands of stunning flowers throughout the community and adorning the golf course, who wouldn’t want to bring that beauty into their own homes?

With proper sunlight, many potted plants flourish inside, and can become your very own indoor ‘garden’.  Herbs, flowers, cacti, and sometimes even small fruit trees are all excellent choices for indoor plants – here are a few tips to ensure your houseplants grow their best!

  • Find the right plants – First things first, make certain that the plants you’ve chosen are marked as plants that can do well indoors.  If you don’t, then you might be setting yourself up for failure – no matter what you do, your plants may never thrive! 
  • Use the right soil – When planting plants indoors, it’s important to use the proper soil, specific to indoor plants.  Not only will this help any flowers or plants take hold, but it will help to sustain them while growing inside.
  • Pick sunny spots – It’s common knowledge that plants need sunlight to grow.  So when you’re choosing a spot for your plants inside, make sure it’s in an area that gets plenty of natural light.  You’ll be surprised by how much of a difference this will make!
  • Not too hot, not too cold – It’s also crucial to your plants’ growth that they are kept at the right temperature.  Most homes are already comfortable, meaning plants will do well.  However, don’t let them fry near a window on a hot summer day or freeze by the air vent.
  • Use the right-sized pots – A too-small pot will suffocate a flourishing plant, and an oversized one will hold too much water, drowning the roots.  A pot the same size as the container the plant came in, or two inches bigger, is suitable. 
  • Follow directions – Lastly, and maybe most importantly, always remember to follow directions.  The tag that comes with your new plant should detail everything you need to know about watering, temperatures, sunlight and bloom times. 

And there you have it!  Before long, you could have your very own indoor garden that is just as colorful and beautiful to look at as the Baywood Greens community!

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