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Apr 16

Inspired Gardening at Baywood Greens!

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After admiring all the hundreds of thousands of blooming flowers throughout Baywood Greens, we’re feeling a little inspired to bring that beauty to our own homes.  After all, along with stunning new homes and an expertly maintained golf course, Baywood Greens is also known for our breathtaking gardens!

Here are a few of our favorite ways to introduce spring blooms in any home or garden!

Hanging Plants
Hanging plants are a great way to display your favorite flowers without occupying ground space.  They look best with any plant that cascades down, and can be a welcoming addition to your front porch or add colorful scenery to the back patio. 

Porch Planters
If you don’t mind sacrificing a little bit of ground space on your patio or porch, planters are an excellent way to showcase small trees and your own garden arrangements. Using planters also means your gardens can be mobile, allowing you to easily arrange and rearrange as you please!

Window Boxes
Window boxes are a classic and charming way to brighten up your home exterior during the spring and summer months.  While they can be easy to put together, they do require a little more maintenance than other outdoor options.  

Mini Herb Gardens
If you’re a cooking aficionado, chances are you have an affinity for fresh herbs. If you also have a bit of a green thumb, then a mini herb garden is a great way to blend two passions. Imagine having fresh herbs for seasoning or garnish the moment you need them!

Small Trees
The greenery at Baywood Greens is just as stunning as the colorful blooms. We love the idea of bringing in a small Ficus or fig tree to fill a corner or bring freshness to a room. With a colorful planter, you can even customize it to match your existing décor.

Interested in doing a little more intensive gardening at your home, like planting or removing trees or shrubs? Be sure to check with the HOA to ensure everything you’ve planned is in the best interest for everyone in the community.

And as always, we welcome you to share pictures of your own beautiful home gardens with us on our Baywood Greens Facebook page!

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