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Oct 08

Tips for Buying a Second Home in Delaware!

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For those who are hoping to purchase a second home for vacation or retirement, proper planning is essential. Many of Delaware’s residents are old pros at buying a home, even a second home. But even so, there are always questions being asked and tips being given for those who want to brush up on the buying process, and to those who may be going through the second home process for the first time. And now that more and more Baby Boomers are reaching their retirement and life goals, communities like Baywood Greens have continued to thrive. An astute buyer can often find the perfect home and financial options through careful planning and savvy negotiations. Here are some tips for finding and purchasing a great retirement spot or second home in Delaware!

Consider Financing Before Retirement

For those who will need to finance a second home purchase and believe they will have a lower income in retirement than while working, securing financing before retirement can be a prudent move. Not only will it simplify the application process, it will also give home buyers some breathing room should unforeseen circumstances arise.

Find the Right Community

Potential buyers likely have a general idea of where in Delaware they would like to set down roots.  For many, a community like Baywood Greens is exactly what they’re searching for.  The various amenities available within the neighborhood, like the Baywood Green Golf Course, walking trails, beautifully maintained gardens, the clubhouse restaurant and so much more, provide residents with everything they enjoy.  And of course, for residents that are seeking a quieter lifestyle, they will also find their peace at Baywood Greens - residents can be as active or relaxed as they please!

Tax Benefits and Ramifications

If your new home at Baywood Greens is a second home, then you might already be familiar with the tax differences you’ll encounter.  Buying a second home changes the tax situation. What changes depends on what the buyer plans to do with the primary residence, as well as the value of the second home and how they plan to claim it. Talk to a trusted fee-only financial planner and other accredited experts before making a purchase. These professionals will be able to provide guidance and save a buyer possible future headaches!

Buying a second home in Delaware as a vacation home, or home to enjoy retirement in, can certainly be an exciting venture.  Following these tips can help the process move along smoothly, ensuring a purchase with little stress and anxiety.  After all, when moving into a new home at Baywood Greens, there is so much to be excited about  - this is such a fun time for any family!

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