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May 08

Trademarks of the Delaware Lifestyle

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We’ve all seen them, and most likely, we’ve lived them ourselves: the trademarks of the Delaware lifestyle. 

If you’ve been living in Baywood Greens for some time now, it’s possible you’ve picked up on a few of the things that make living in Delaware so unique.  Here are just a few of the trademarks we see everyday!

What’s sales tax again?
Oh that’s right, we don’t have it in Delaware! After living here for a few years, you almost forget that other states have to pay a sales tax.  But this tax perk is only the tip of the iceberg – owning a home in Delaware comes with a boatload of other tax benefits as well. Read more about these benefits in one of our previous blog posts: The Tax Benefits of Delaware.

Eating fresh produce is a way of life.
With the warming weather comes the return of fresh produce stands and farmer’s markets throughout the state. Why buy packaged fruits and vegetables when you can buy it fresh from a local farmer?  Nothing is better than Delaware sweet corn on a hot summer day!

Pizza with a swirl is the best kind!
There’s no doubt that Grotto Pizza is a definite trademark of the Delaware lifestyle. What started as a boardwalk attraction has since spread to the rest of the state, with a location now open here in Long Neck. While there may be other popular pizza joints, nothing quite satisfies our taste buds quite like Grotto’s.

Scenic roads are a part of day-to-day life.
No matter where you’re heading to in Delaware, the drive there is bound to be scenic.  Whether it’s rolling farmland or a beautifully manicured golf course, the sights to see are worth any drive. It may seem insignificant to an out-of-stater, but to those living in Delaware, it’s truly something special.

Dogfish Head is a mainstay in any pub.
No menu is complete without a Dogfish Head brew! A local brewery, Dogfish Head has garnered statewide notoriety for their originality and homegrown roots.  And don’t worry; we serve Dogfish Head at the Baywood Greens restaurant too!

Know of any more Delaware trademarks not mentioned above? Share them with us on our Baywood Greens Facebook!

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