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Mar 14

High levels of homeowner satisfaction with green homes

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The benefits of owning an energy efficient home have garnered much attention in recent years, as green homes become increasingly popular. In fact, McGraw Hill Construction estimates that about 38% of residential construction will be green homes by 2015 – an impressive increase from the 17% in 2011. A smaller impact on the environment and lower utility bills are often cited as major benefits to buying and owning a green home, but until recently, there wasn’t much focus on how owners of energy efficient homes felt after their purchase.

However, thanks to a recent survey by GuildQuality, a leading provider of customer satisfaction surveys for the residential construction industry, we now have information about how homeowners feel about their new green homes. And it’s fantastic news – the overwhelming majority of homeowners who went green feel great about their decision!

The following are some highlights from the survey that capture just how happy homeowners are with their energy efficient homes:

·      95% of respondents said that they are satisfied with the features in their green home.

·      94% would recommend a green home to a friend.

·      92% said that their green home maintained more consistent temperatures and was less drafty than a non-green home.

·      92% would purchase another green home.

·      90% were satisfied knowing they ‘did the right thing’ by buying a green home.

·      86% said that their green home had lower utility bills than a non-green home.

Homeowners who decide to buy a Christopher Companies home in Baywood Greens can experience this satisfaction of owning a green home, and they can start off their green home ownership experience on a great note. Because Christopher Companies is a member of the Delaware “Green for Green” program, homeowners who buy one of our Baywood Greens homes have the opportunity to receive a rebate of up to $2,500 - simply for buying a home that’s energy efficient.

Christopher Companies, an Energy Star Partner, is dedicated to building energy efficient homes in every community they build in, and Baywood Greens is no exception. We know how important energy efficiency is to many homeowners, and with all of the benefits associated with green homes and the high satisfaction of homeowners, why wouldn’t we choose to supply our residents with green homes?

Whether it’s through offering energy efficient features in our homes, incredible amenities in our community, or beautifully designed new construction homes in an ideal location, we only provide our Baywood Greens residents with the highest quality beach home experience possible. Homeowners in our community undoubtedly derive satisfaction from owning a green home, as the GuildQuality survey indicated – but the real satisfaction comes from knowing that they bought a beach home in the best community in Delaware, Baywood Greens.

SOURCE: McGraw Hill Construction, GuildQuality, National Association of Home Builders

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